What Can I Recycle?

What is accepted in recycling bins and containers greatly depends on where you live and your waste service. If your waste service includes curbside recycling we highly suggest you take advantage of that service. Below you will find a list of common items that should be recycled weekly. These items should never go in your regular trash bag. Reducing the amount of these items in current landfills can extend the landfill life by decades.


Unfortunately, the more rural you are the less you can recycle. While the state is working hard to bring recycling to everyone we must follow the regulations.

General items that can be recyled are:

Items that cannot be recycled in general recycling are:

Items that cannot be recycled in general recycling may be recycled elsewhere. For example, plastic grocery bags may be taken back to the grocery store and placed in the plastic bag recycling bin. Most auto parts stores are also beginning to take limited quantities of used motor oil, free of charge.

If you need to recycle tires it is best to contact your county solid waste coordinator. There may be special recycling days where you can take them on a monthly basis.