Residential Recycling in Northern Kentucky

Residential Recycling in Northern Kentucky is actually quite simple and friendly. Residents and businesses alike share a common respect for our environment and the natural beauty of the area that we call home. Recycling is beneficial to the environment and also to extend the life of the current landfills in our area. By extending the life of the current landfills we can add years to the time that we will need to look for new land and neighborhoods in which to build a new landfill.


Every major waste company and county solid waste department that serves Northern Kentucky residents offers a recycling program. Curbside recycling is the most prevalent and widespread of these. Your local waste company can provide a bin or recycling container that can be used and placed at your curb on trash days. Rural residents also have access to county wide recycling bins or recycling trailers. These bins or trailers are usually placed in common areas such as schools or county extension centers. The recyclables allowed in these containers may be limited so please read the directions on site.

Most recyclables can be placed in your residential curbside recycling bins. These are generally provided through your waste service provider. If your provider does not yet offer curbside recycling there are many locations in each county to recycle your items. Most major cities have contracts with the waste providers to include a recycling program.

Items from old electronics to common household hazardous chemicals and/or used motor oil should not be placed into residential recycling containers. These items require a special process to be recycled and cannot be mixed with general recyclables. Most auto parts stores are now accepting your used motor oil in limited quantities to recycle free of charge. Some county solid waste managers have special “recycling days” set aside to dispose of household chemicals or tires. There are also several electronics recyclers in the Northern Kentucky area that can assist in recycling old computers and peripherals.