Residential and Household Composting

What is composting?

Residential or backyard composting is the natural process of allowing organic materials to decompose into a rich soil known as compost. Organic materials such as kitchen scraps, household plants, yard waste, or etc. will decompose. Residential composting is a controlled acceleration of nature’s natural process. When you compost your organic waste you are returning nutrients back into the soil. This creates a product known as compost. Compost has many uses vital to sustainable living.


Using Compost as a Soil Conditioner

Since compost can improve the quality of nearly any soil it is often considered a soil conditioner. When adding compost to your soil, you improve the soils physical and biological properties. The addition of an organic compost also alters its chemical composition. When natural nutrients are combined with inorganic particles such as sand or silt you change the soils structure. Changing the soils structure or chemical composition can be beneficial in the following ways.